KNS Martial Arts offers an array of martial art classes in London, Ontario. Fun for the whole family!

Why Do We Love London?

In 1825, London was little clusters of settlements which were spreading north from Lake Erie. In 1834, The first elegant mansion in London was built. Which is known as the "Eldon House". A few years later London separated from Middlesex. London was quickly coming together after the "London Court House" was built. London suffered from the Great Depression but within a decade after London started blooming again! History has proven how London can be more than just a community!

London always had community support in its heart, that's why it became the city it is today! KNS Martial Arts believes in community and local business support to further develop London for future generations!

"We absolutely love London! Supporting local is important to us because we love to invest in our community! KNS in London is a fun, engaging and great environment to be a part of."

- Aron Polmateer (Owner, KNS Martial Arts)

Which Services Do We Offer In London?

KNS Martial Arts offers jr. warriors, kids karate, adult karate, kid's birthday parties, kickboxing and much more at our main location in London, Ontario. Our goal is to offer beginner through intermediate karate techniques for the whole family! Customizable to your martial art development and goals.

KNS kids karate jr warriors learning punching in London Ontario

Your child will gain Focus, Discipline, Confidence through our Jr. Warriors Program.

KNS kids karate students learning techniques in London Ontario

Learn effective and fun practical ways to defend oneself while learning important life skills!

KNS adult karate students practicing techniques

Our Adult Karate designed for any skill level. Learn this traditional Japanese Karate Style in the best environment.

KNS adult kickboxing students practicing

Designed to get you fit, this class is a full body workout using the techniques of many boxing lesson types.

KNS kids birthday parties activities and games

Check out our amazing Kids Birthday party special where we handle everything from fun to food!


"The friendly team atmosphere at KNS is always welcoming and inclusive. Kids and adults have fun while learning respect, discipline, and control of their bodies. There are a wide variety of additional activities beyond classes offered for the students, fostering a family atmosphere, in addition to workshop weekends, tournaments, and outdoor training trips. There is a large selection of class times to attend, making it easy to facilitate a busy family schedule. The facility and equipment is clean and lovingly maintained. Very happy our family found KNS Martial Arts."

Heather Perquin

"For a big woman who always fails out of fear of judgement, you won't find this here.. so far I have felt welcomed encouraged and not a burden. The instructors have been great patient supportive and super fun. Great energy!"

Stacey Emeny

"Yes 💯. Great people! Aron is an amazing instructor! What I ready like is it’s a small group! They are very accommodating! Aron welcomes everyone and has all his students welcome new comers with open arms and they make you feel like your part of the family from day one!! Amazing positivity at KNS!! Come check it out"

Carlen Tavares

"Always a great workout and learn lots..Highly recommend this place if you're a beginner or advanced.. theres something for everyone. Plus its a total family environment and everyones included and welcomed once they walk in the door."

Matt Birss

"Absolutely incredible gym. Very technical kickboxing, and a great bjj fundamentals class growing there as well."

Christopher Michael Hendry


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