KNS London adult kickboxing students sparring

Are you looking to shake up your fitness routines? Many exercises have you do simple, repetitive motions, so they target only certain muscles while boring you to tears. That’s not the case with kickboxing! It combines an incredible cardio workout with martial arts, making for an exercise unlike any you’ve tried before. If you’re looking for an intensive, fun workout to punch up your fitness routine, you should definitely give kickboxing a try!

The Kickboxing Routine

Kickboxing is an intense-yet-low-impact exercise routine, great for beginners and seasoned fitness buffs alike. With the help of an instructor, you’ll be lead through a mixed routine of choreographed jabs, crosses, kicks, knee strikes, and all kinds of upper and lower body movements. Every strike is “pulled”, meaning you’re never kicking or punching to the full extension. This is to protect your joints and prevent hyperextension injuries.

Speaking of which, don’t worry about serious injuries. The kickboxing you initially learn is a noncontact sport, and the instructor will teach you proper technique. Each lesson involves warm ups to prep your muscles. While you can make the transition to the ring if you really want to, just doing the routine with a bag and an instructor is a great workout that targets every part of the body.

Kickboxing Is Great For Burning Fat

Kickboxing routines require a lot of energy, which means that you’ll be burning a lot of calories in one hour-long session: between 400 – 450 calories! If you’re looking to lose pounds, regular kickboxing classes combined with a healthy diet will get you into shape and tone your muscles.

Taking a kickboxing class will also challenge your body’s endurance and agility, and this means you’ll get many more benefits than just strengthening muscle and losing weight. Kickboxing is all about improving every part of the body!

Kickboxing Is A Full-Body Workout

The workout you get from kickboxing classes will do so much more than burn calories. It’s an exercise that uses your entire body, with every muscle getting in on the action. The rapid routines in kickboxing everything in the arms, legs, and core, strengthening them and including the muscles that often escape our attention.

It’s not just building muscle, either. The exercise also improves balance, coordination, and flexibility, helping you develop faster reflexes. Your heart and lungs will thank you, too: regular physical activity helps these organs perform better and more efficiently, strengthening them and keeping the blood moving at a healthy rate.

We can’t forget the mental benefits! This full-body exercise also releases endorphins, making it an excellent stress reliever that will improve your mood. If you’re feeling a lot of frustration or anxiety, you can get them all out of your system in class.

Kickboxing Is A Blast!

Regardless of what you’re taking a kickboxing class for, you’ll have a ton of fun doing it. The classroom environment, the intense music, the rush of endorphins – it all makes for an incredible feeling you’ll have to try for yourself. No matter where you are health-wise, kickboxing is a great sport to take on.

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