Kids learn so well when they’re young – they’re like little sponges of knowledge. Even before they grow into adolescence, children come to understand so much about the world around them, setting themselves up for adulthood. It’s such a great time in their lives to teach them important lessons in hard work, respect, and fitness.

Of course, all these lessons should come in a way that the child doesn’t realize what they’re learning is hard work, respect, and fitness, because those things only sound boring. Karate can make these important lessons fun, even for kids under the age of nine! 


Young Children And Hard Work


Karate is a great way to release pent-up energy, but it also teaches students of all ages the value of discipline and hard work in achieving goals. The involvement of focus and listening to instructions helps children especially, and it will help in all aspects of their lives because in the dojo, listening is absolutely essential. An instructor has to captivate in such a way that all the students learn for themselves successfully in a group setting, and this can only be achieved through a disciplined environment. 

KNS students wearing medals and sparring gear

They also learn that hard work is the way a lot of rewards are earned. This is important for children to understand when focusing on studying and homework, and can be uniquely resonant for students with attention problems.


Young Children And Respect


Most children (and parents, too!) might believe that karate is first and foremost about self defence. However, karate is all about respect: respect for fellow students, respect for the sensei, and respect for the students themselves. Martial arts lessons teach children that respect is a responsibility for healthy, positive relationships, no matter what the connection. 


Learning to respect and take responsibility for one’s surroundings can give a young child a sense of gratitude and balance. This will help them live and interact with others in peace, and they can grow up with a good sense of right and wrong.


Young Children And Fitness


It’s now common knowledge that kids today aren’t as active as they once were. So many different things are vying for their attention that before you know it, they can settle into unhealthy sedentary patterns that last well into their teenage years. This is why one of the best reasons to sign a young child up for karate is the fitness. They’ll learn that exercise and staying fit can be fun, and it can set them on healthy patterns for the rest of their life!

KNS kids karate students learning to punch


There’s more to it than habits. Having a fun physical activity to keep them regularly occupied can create an important sense of balance between the digital world of video games and the Internet and the real world. It also helps them make sense of what is truly important!

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