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Martial arts are a great way for boys and girls of all ages to get the fitness they need, but did you also know that this hobby is great for learning discipline? The art of self-discipline is something a lot of people, regardless of age, could stand to learn and use in their everyday life. A good way to start is with karate!

The Art Of Self-Discipline

karate silhouette, karate kick imageSelf-discipline is one of the greatest lessons one can learn from martial arts. We define “self-discipline” as having greater control over one’s impulses and behaviour and finding satisfaction in working on long-term goals rather than in instant gratification. In the world of constant smartphone scrolling and online gaming, it’s important for children to learn as they develop, and for adults to re-learn the self-discipline they might have lost.

For kids, learning self-discipline is a great way of boosting esteem and confidence, and the lessons learned in the gym can be transferred into everyday life. It will help them understand their natural emotions, and let them release these feelings in a healthy environment. These lessons will help kids feel like they can do more, allowing them to overcome problems and accomplish more at school and home.

But the same can go for adults, too! Grown-ups can learn the same lessons as children while improving their flexibility, stamina, and other aspects of their physical health, but there are important life lessons they can take outside the gym. Self-discipline and a renewed work ethic in a hobby, rather than a day job, can bring lasting benefits.  

How Does Martial Arts Teach Discipline?

Martial arts teach both kids and adults the art of discipline by helping them set goals, focus their mental energies into the lessons, improve their physical well-being, and work with others in the class. It’s effective because all martial arts, including karate, take things slowly. Every lesson takes things one step at a time, and this helps train both the body and the mind for the routine.

This is because martial arts are not just about self-defence; it’s as much a philosophy, learned through doing, as it is a sport! Participating in a martial art like karate provides a program where you learn that hard work and striving to do one’s best do not come quickly. The focus, repetition, and application required teaches you to integrate the same discipline and thought processes into everyday life.

It’s also a fun way of learning about, well, learning. A successful class requires that the students of the martial art put themselves at the complete direction of the teacher. No matter what age the student is, they will have to understand that learning a martial art like karate comes from guidance, and you can’t effectively “get it” until you follow directions. A lot of adults still have trouble with this, but martial arts can help!

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