You’re eating right, you’re drinking enough water, you’re taking the stairs – it’s all helping you feel better about your choices, but the last thing is finding that perfect fitness routine. If you’re like most people, you probably want an exercise that will help you achieve your fitness goals while not actually feeling like exercise. This is where kickboxing comes in.

Kickboxing is a comprehensive, full-body routine that will help you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they are. The best part? It’s actually a ton of fun, too!

Burn Off Fat

Many fitness goals are centered on losing weight, and kickboxing can help people of all ages and body types reach their goals. It’s a high-energy, intensive workout, making it an efficient-yet-fun way to burn calories and fat. As you move into higher workout levels and add more to your regular routine, you could be burning up to 900 calories per hour of kickboxing.

Tone Your Muscles

Many exercise routines focus on specific areas of the body, meaning you need to incorporate many different types of exercise to tone your muscles. Kickboxing simplifies this, and it’s a full-body workout that targets all your muscles with a fairly easy learning curve. When learning the routines in a class, you’ll target all the muscle zones in your body, including many of the zones that normally get overlooked. You’ll see improvement in places you never thought possible!

Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

Kickboxing is both an aerobic and anaerobic exercise, meaning it strengthens both your heart and your lungs. These are two muscles that, like all the other ones in your body, can be made stronger over time, and giving them a full workout will help them work much more efficiently. This means you’ll decrease the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes, lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels, and increase your resting heart rate.

Regain Your Flexibility And Agility

A limber body is a prepared body! Kickboxing helps give your neuromuscular system – a system that includes the nerves and joints connected to your muscles – a great workout. By stretching out and getting all the muscles limber, you’ll avoid pulling or straining muscles, increase your mobility, and help prevent pain and injury from accidents.

For those of us getting up in years, or who have neuromuscular diseases like multiple sclerosis, kickboxing has some additional, very important benefits. Studies have shown that the coordination and muscle building central to kickboxing routines can help prevent falls, improve coordination, and strengthen the connection between the brain and the muscles so as to improve neuromuscular control!

Improve Your Posture

Kickboxing is not just a great workout – it’s about posture, too. By joining a class and learning the various routines, you’ll get back much of what you’ve lost being hunched over a computer all day! The workouts challenge and build many of the muscles that probably don’t get enough attention anymore, like your abdominal wall or core. The routines will target your core because you use your waist and abdominal muscles for keeping your balance while performing the coordinated moves. The more workouts, the stronger the muscles, and the better you’ll be at sitting up straight!

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