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Children of all ages can benefit from karate. Older children might find more things related to their lives in the lessons. Thus there are many benefits of Karate for older children. Adolescence can be a frustrating time. New emotions and feelings can be hard for kids to positively channel into development. It’s also a time when they develop important personal habits. These will stick with them as they grow older.

Once these habits are ingrained, they’re hard to shake. This is why it’s important to help them develop positive ones early. Karate can help with this. It’s also very fun, so they won’t even know they’re working on themselves!

It Provides Practical Lessons In Problem Solving

KNS Karate For Older Children

Martial arts help kids think through their problems, rather than give up or have an emotional outburst. The karate or taekwondo routines are broken down into manageable pieces. This helps older children learn complex routines gradually and through repetition. They’ll quickly learn that the best way to solve a problem is to take it one step at a time.

As the kids advance, they learn to anticipate the next steps of the routine. Eventually they’ll work it out and commit to the exercises fluidly and without hesitation. This also helps exercise working memory. This is a key bit of mental exercise that will help them in school.

It Can Teach Them Leadership Skills

Another benefit of karate for older children is the leadership skills it teaches. Children develop their moral compass as they grow up. No time is more important for this than just before their teenage years. For them to make the best choices, knowing and understanding leadership is absolutely essential. Martial arts teach kids all about the value of self-control. This is reinforced by both the routines and the structure of the class.

For one, all the focus is on the sensei, and they learn the importance of respect. But it’s not all solitary. Students with higher belt levels help guide students who are working their way up the belt ranks. This helps to reinforce the self-confidence aspect of karate. If your child wishes, they can help lead others as they advance and learn more themselves.

It Gets Them Moving

KNS students performing techniques

Do you have a budding couch potato at home? Get them off their computers and into a dojo, stat! Karate and taekwondo can be demanding and intensive. However it id still incredibly fun training for the body as well as the mind. These two disciplines help with the heart and general muscle strength. These improve training ability. As they grow to learn more routines and discipline, the mindset that comes with martial arts training will place value on overall physical health. There are very few sports that bring as wide a variety of benefits as martial arts.

All of these benefits of karate for older children come with bonuses. These include increased confidence, improved attention spans, and more drive. These will help them grow into healthy, responsible adults. Regardless of your child’s age, it’s never too late to start karate lessons!

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