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Being a child is hard, and it’s even harder for those who don’t have a conventional type of social skills. Martial arts can be the perfect remedy if your child is suffering from a crisis of confidence, with lessons that will help them for the rest of their lives!

It’s A Safe Place For Social Interaction

KNS students sitting on mat wearing sparring equipment

Shyness and anxiety don’t fare well in team settings. The pressure to perform well for the sake of the team’s success can only worsen social anxiety for a child who already has problems looking people in the eye. The best way to encourage your child to get over their fears is to enroll them in a sport that depends more on one-on-one interaction and independent learning.

Karate and taekwondo are taught in a class setting that still allows the individual to learn on their own, taking out the pressure that can come from team sports or demonstrations in front of crowds. As they become more comfortable with this sport, they can branch out into other team sports, or even moving into competitive martial arts!

They’ll Learn Valuable Social Interaction Skills On Their Own Time

The dojo is a supervised, non-threatening environment where your children learn cool lessons in a structured atmosphere. This gives sensitive kids a welcoming place to open up and make new friends more gradually, rather than being forced to in a team setting.

Martial arts is more than just about sports, meaning it teaches your child more than just athletic skills; the lessons impart conflict resolution, compassion, and confidence, making it easier to interact with others outside of the class, too!

It Teaches Coordination and Confidence

KNS student punching glove attached to pool noodle

Growing up isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. This awkwardness can translate into intense discomfort in social situations, something that can hurt their development into the teenage and adult years. Martial arts like karate and taekwondo can make it easier because they are all about movement and coordination. The lessons will help them feel more at home in their growing bodies.


They’ll Deal With Bullying In A Healthy Way

Not every child has to deal with bullying, but some characteristics, like anxiety and shyness, can make certain kids more vulnerable to being picked on at school. It’s not fair and they should know that being bullied is not their fault, but you can take action to help them without letting them know that you are actually helping them.

Enrolling them in a martial arts class is one such action, and they’ll be too busy learning and having fun to know that they are learning conflict resolution and confidence that help them deal with bullying.

It Boosts Self-Esteem As Well As Confidence

KNS students wearing medals and sparring gear

A lack of self-esteem can hurt their performance in class or other extracurriculars they would otherwise enjoy. Achieving the goals set in a martial arts class can help them gain a sense of accomplishment, boosting their positive sense of self.

It’s not about individuality though, because the self-esteem your child feels comes after independent determination and hard work. It can help them realize the value of accomplishment through productivity and committing to their goals, and this is a value they can apply to improve how they work at school and home, too. Contact KNS to talk about all this and more!

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