Bullying, whether it’s at school, in extracurricular activities, or online, can leave a lasting impact on a child. The effects can stay with them long after childhood, too, harming their confidence and self-esteem in their most formative years. One healthy way to help kids get through bullying is with martial arts!

It’s true: classes like (karate) can effectively counteract the negative effects bullying has on a child, boosting confidence and letting them work out problems in a positive setting.

Martial Arts And Bullying

We’re not encouraging violence as an answer to bullying problems. Despite what many parents think about karate, taekwondo, judo, and other martial arts disciplines, they aren’t about beating someone up. They are about discipline, learning new skills in a supportive setting, and mental awareness. These are all key to building confidence, standing up to bullies, and even preventing violence.

Self-defence is obviously a good start, but again, it’s not what you think. When a child learns self-defence tactics through martial arts, they also learn about self-control. This not only gives them the confidence to stand up for themselves, but the composure to never take things too far. Self-defence encourages self-confidence, and that is one of the best tactics to not just deal with their tormentors, but to prevent the bullying from having lasting effects well after childhood.

The Positive Space Of The Dojo

Children going through bullying might have a tough time making friends or having the confidence to even include themselves in activities where bullying isn’t taking place. Karate classes are designed to bring children together and have them learn at a pace that is suitable for them. The martial arts instructor is there to create a positive, inclusive learning environment for children of all ages, genders, sizes, and skill sets.

Martial arts are also a great alternative to team sports! For many children going through bullying, team competition is the last thing they want or need to feel better. In karate, however, the focus throughout the learning process is on the instructor and the individual skills of the student. They’ll still get healthy interactions with other children because everyone works together and earns a feeling of solidarity without the hypercompetitive team-based setting prevalent in so many sports. It’s a great way to socialize without feeling the need to be someone else!

Of course, the kids also get to let out a bit of their pent-up energy and aggression, but they’ll understandably need an outlet. Bullying is a tough experience, and you’ll want the emotions to come out in a healthy, controlled environment! When they take karate lessons, kids learn about self-control and discipline while also getting a healthy workout. This will make it much easier to process emotions as they and the adults in their life deal with the issue.

Yes, martial arts are about self-defence, but these classes are about so much more. If you have a child who is struggling with bullying, sign them up for a martial arts class – you’ll see a big difference in a very short time! Contact us if you’d like to (learn more) about the impact of professionally instructed martial arts on bullying.

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