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Anger is a normal emotion, but it’s how we process that anger that can lead to trouble. Letting out the anger in unhealthy ways can lead to many problems both personally and professionally. The solution can be found in martial arts like karate, as these can help students deal with their anger management, regardless of their age

Mindful Emotions

When people exert themselves and their emotions into healthy exercise, they begin to let go of the overwhelming urge to channel the emotions into negative actions. Funneling that negative energy into the proper form or blow to a punching bag can melt away those emotions before one has the chance to lose control. Not only that, but the focus used to enact this exercise can improve one’s ability to find the patience to control emotions even before anger takes over. 


Increased Focus

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Focused breathing and concentration are important parts of every martial arts movement. To achieve the many things required – say, breaking a board – the student must channel their focus into the task at hand. As the lessons continue, the ability to focus will be gained (or regained, if you’re an older student), and it will contribute to successfully skills dealing with natural responses to stress and anger. If a stressor has caused a student to become uncontrollably angry in the past, they may see that after several lessons, they’ll find themselves focusing that anger into a resolution rather than a violent outburst. 



Increased Discipline 

When a student has learned the power their focus can harness, they understand very quickly that self-discipline is essential. In martial arts, an important part of training is that the lessons are for self-defense only, and the discipline is required to learn and understand this. As students progress, they gain a deeper understanding of this importance and learn that managing your response to angry emotions is crucial to your safety and the safety of others.


Reduced Stress

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The anger problems of many members of our society can be traced back to the amount of stress we’re having to deal with in our everyday lives. Piled-up stress can make anger a worse problem, but having a regular outlet for this stress in the form of healthy exercise can reduce this stress. When the martial arts student can reduce stress and anger, they can find a better, healthier way of life. 


The Zen Of Martial Arts

Zen is a Chinese school of thought that emphasizes self-control, meditation, and finding insight into the nature of life. It fits perfectly into the idea of martial arts because it prioritizes an awareness of when anger and conflict are imminent. To defuse these feelings, one must rely on their best practices to completely deflect or even transform the aggression, and this best practice can be found in martial arts.

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