With school finishing up, you’ve got to think about what your kids are going to do with all their summer free time. When considering extracurricular activities for them, karate, taekwondo, and other martial arts should be at the top of the list. These types of activities will do so much for their body, mind, and attitude!

Martial Arts for Children Will Get Kids Active

It seems like parents are fighting a losing battle with video games, and these activities only getting more popular and more involving with time. The percentage of people playing four to ten hours of video games a week went up almost two percentage points since last year, and this trend has hurt the number of exercise kids are getting in their everyday lives.

Martial arts, however, has a “cooler” reputation than many other sports, and it can lure even the most ardent gamers away from their screens. This will help kids hit the weekly hours of exercise they require to stay healthy!

KNS student navigating obstacle course

It Teaches Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is an important skill for kids to learn at an early age, but the immediacy of the online world is making it more difficult for them to understand why it’s an important skill. A martial art like karate is a simple, fun way for them to learn the benefits of patience, pacing, and restraint.

It Will Improve Their Listening Skills

Successfully learning and advancing through martial arts requires more than just patience; it requires good listening and focus. The structure and repetition of a karate class will help them overcome the challenges of the class, showing the importance of We also use the “ready stance”, at which every student has to snap to attention, to keep the class on track.

They’ll Learn Coordination

KNS instructor awarding student with new beltBeing a kid can be awkward. You might remember how it was in school, but it navigating adolescence never really gets easier. One way to help kids become more comfortable with their growing bodies is to sign them up for martial arts classes. Through the lessons, they’ll become more aware of their movements and find that it becomes a lot easier to be coordinated. This is something that can be applied to other sports, too!

Martial Arts for Children Can Improve Their Confidence!

Like we said, growing up can be hard when kids feel like they can’t get comfortable with being themselves. Karate lessons can be a good antidote to all this awkwardness, helping them approach challenges at school and around the house with confidence and more self-esteem.

It also helps them understand conflict resolution. Bullying is a problem for awkward kids, and martial arts can help them stand up for themselves. Don’t worry: one of the primary lessons they learn is using martial arts in self-defence and never on the offensive.

The best part of martial arts? They don’t end when summer does! They can continue taking lessons into fall and winter, letting them reach new goals and improve their skills. Contact us if you want to learn more!

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